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Rich & Sue Freeman


Media Releases:

Tourism Legacy Award 

10 Fun Paddles in Western New York

10 Fun Paddles in the Finger Lakes Region of New York

Small Publisher Carves Niche in Regional Recreation Guides

Take Rover Roving - Dog-friendly Places to Hike or Bike

Explore the High Points of New York State

10 Fun and Free Discoveries in the Finger Lakes Region

10 Fun and Free Discoveries in the Genesee Valley Region


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biking2.jpg (837320 bytes)  Biking

paddling1.jpg (766425 bytes)  Paddling

fall.jpg (824961 bytes)  Hiking

portrait.jpg (586730 bytes)   richsue.jpg (920183 bytes)  Portraits

Freeman-Winter.jpg (4507544 bytes)  Snowshoeing in the Finger Lakes

Freeman-Waterfalls.jpg (3601366 bytes)   Exploring waterfalls

Freeman4.jpg (2436460 bytes)   Biking along the Erie Canal

Freeman1.jpg (2003361 bytes)   Backpacking on the Finger Lakes Trail

Freeman2.jpg (2029698 bytes)  On top of Mt. Katahdin. (Northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail)

Freeman3.jpg (1883046 bytes)  Mountain top in Maine

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