Trail Updates 
(last update: 5/28/10)

Change is an ever-quickening force in our lives. Trails have no exemption from the forces of change. Below you'll find updated versions of maps or descriptions where the trails have changed since our guidebooks were published. We're committed to making sure you have accurate information when you head out to enjoy a trail.

200 Waterfalls in Central & Western New York


Peppermill Gulf (# 97)
The creek and all of the land surrounding is on posted private property.  The owner has had much trouble with unwanted trespassers.  Not only is this his property to hunt on, which makes it dangerous for trespassers, but also trespassers have stolen his tree stands, partied in his woods, and made fires on his property.  6/14/09

Spicer Falls (# 91)
No trespassing - Landowner cited problems with loose dogs and hikers wandering off the trail.

Arkwright Falls  (# 43)
Private property - no trespassing
    Audrey J. Buck 9/05

Stockbridge Falls  (# 102)
Private property - no trespassing
You may still view this waterfall from the road.

Van Buskirk Gulf  (# 73)
Van Buskirk Gulf was loaded with freshly fallen trees (they had green leaves on them) in summer 2003. The area is now posted - no trespassing
    Mark Johnson, Hollis, NH   8/26/03

Cascades of Attica  (# 16)
Private property - no trespassing
  Christopher J. Hough, 7/8/04

South Branch of Cattaraugus Creek
Zoar Valley (# 44)
Past Deer Lick Falls the creek flows through private property. Plumb Brook Falls and The Falls are on private property, no trespassing please. 
    Steve McCabe, 11/19/05

South Branch of Cattaraugus Creek
Zoar Valley (# 44) 
No Trespassing at Big Falls (The Falls) & Deer Lick Falls 

The Nature Sanctuary Society of Western New York, Inc. recently purchased a tract of land that includes Big Falls on South Branch Cattaraugus Creek in the Town of Persia, Cattaraugus County, NY. According to Richard Rosche, president of the Nature Sanctuary Society, this piece of land has for many years been over-used and abused beyond its limits, as the site of wild parties, pot smoking, drug use, swimming and all sorts of other illegal activity. Therefore, visitation to the newly acquired Nature Sanctuary Society property which includes Big Falls is now limited to those carrying current membership cards indicating that they are members of the Nature Sanctuary Society of Western New York, Inc. Group visitation will be limited to those groups who have made prior arrangements with the Preserve Custodian or a Society Officer to be there and their goals and activities MUST be compatible with those of the Society. At least one member of the group must possess a current membership card. Local law enforcement will charge anyone found on the property, without the membership cards, with criminal trespass charges and they will have to appear in the Persia Town Court and pay a fine.

Membership in the Society is open to all those who are sympathetic to the goals and aims of the organization. Membership dues are $10.00 per year per family/address. Contact Richard C. Rosche, President, Nature Sanctuary Society of Western New York, Inc., 110 Maple Rd., East Aurora, NY 14052, (716) 652-8409,

Likewise, Patrick McGlew, Niagara Frontier Project Director for The Nature Conservancy, states that Deer Lick Falls is also on private property. The Nature Conservancy does not want people trespassing to visit Deer Lick Falls.

Big Falls and Deer Lick Falls are described as a creekwalk in "200 Waterfalls in Central & Western New York - A Finders' Guide" on pages 175-180 (depending on the edition you reference). You can still creekwalk up the South Branch Cattaraugus Creek, Simply view Deer Lick Falls (a portion of it) from the creek, then turn around, to stay on DEC property and avoid arrest.

UPDATES for 200 Waterfalls

New Hope Mill
New Hope Mill no longer uses the 26-foot water wheel, but they still grind their own flour on site.
  Mark Johnson, Hollis, NH   8/26/03

Rattlesnake Gulf
Locals call it "the Blue Hole."  Two kids drowned there in 2003.

In spring of 2005 a massive landslide changed the topography of this creek forever. It is no longer a good creekwalking stream. 6/05

The land is now owned by Paul Adams of Adams Eden Camp. For entrance you must register at Adams Eden Camp ( Access via Tully Farms Road will result in prosecution.  (5/10)

West Italy Hill Waterfall
A landmark on the map for finding this waterfall is a red barn. The barn has been repainted to white. 5/10

Chippewa Falls
Permission to cross private land via the Finger Lakes Trail has been rescinded from County Road 12 (Lincklaen Road). You can still reach Chippewa Falls by following the Finger Lakes Trail from Stoney Brook Road.         10/2/03

Take Your Bike!- Finger Lakes  

Nunda, The Greenway is closed between Creek and Pentagass Roads (area of Mile 45) until property issues are resolved. 

My wife and I went over to Sugar Hill with our 16 yr old son to check out the biking. The part of the trail depicted in the book from the horse stalls (blue slash) was impassable due to a combination of horse traffic and wet conditions on the trail. Difficult would not describe the condition. Also found a few small trees across the trail. It looked to me that the trees were laid across deliberately. The Tower was definite plus. Spectacular views today.�- (per Bird Southern) 8/17/03

We have enjoyed the Sampson Park trail and the Queen Catherine Marsh Trail. We visited both in the late spring. Later in July we went back to Queen Catherine Marsh and found the part of the trail covering the rail road bed was grown over often with raspberry bushes. Ouch! I wouldn't recommend shorts for that ride.
Thanks, We will continue to use the Take Your Bike - Finger Lakes rides. - (per Bird Southern) 8/17/03

Stid Hill map update 8/25/03 (per David R. Lentz)  Stid Hillrevised.gif (21062 bytes)

Take Your Bike! - Rochester Area

Hilton Hojack Trail:
The eastern segment between Wiler Rd and Lake Rd. (Route 19) in Hamlin is now privately owned and impassable because of barriers. The owner is trying to keep out motorized vehicles. Begin or end this trail at Lake Rd.
(thanks to Uta Allers for this update 8/25/08)


Take Your Bike! - Rochester Area &
Take Your Bike! 
- Finger Lakes Region

Ontario Pathways - The Flint Road bridge is now open which means you can walk or bike on the trail from Rilands Rd. to Vogt Rd. without having to detour along Routes 5 & 20.   (4/1/07)

Take a Hike! Family Walks in the Finger Lakes & Genesee Valley Region

Revised trail Maps for:
Urbana State Forest
Quinn Oak Openings
Sweedler Preserve
Canadice Lake Trail

Lime Hollow Nature Center.pdf

Lime Hollow Nature Center:
Dogs are NOT allowed at the nature center.
A new trail was added June, 2009.

Camillus Forest Unique Area:
Dogs are allowed on leash.

#61, Van Lone Hill Loop Trail:
Begin this hike only in the first direction indicated (up the road first, not down along the beautiful stream). The segment of trail along the stream is not marked.




Take A Hike! Family Walks in the Rochester Area

 Fishers Park - Revised trail map

Powder Mills Park: Old Ski Run Trail
Posted signs across trail after a short distance from the parking lot.

Greece Canal Park: New trails added, some old relocated including new different color blazing. -(per David R. Lentz, 7/26/04)

Old Rifle Range: New trails including blazing. New trail extends into Ellison Park.  7/26/04


Snow Trails Cross-country Ski and Snowshoe in Central & Western New York

Revised trail map for Harriet Hollister Spencer Memorial State Recreation Area


Cobblestone Quest

1. Tour 13, building #5 at 1727 Canandaigua Road is misidentified as the Baker House when in fact, it is the Bullis House.  (6/16/08)

 J. and E. Baker Cobblestone Farmhouse
815 Canandaigua Rd. , Macedon , NY 14502
Architect: Unknown
Style: Greek Revival
Period: 1850-1949

Charles Bullis House
1727 Canandaigua Rd. , Macedon , NY 14502
Architect: Unknown
Style: Greek Revival, Federal
Period: 1825-1849

Built - 1839 - 1842 by Charles H. Bullis with his wife Ellen and children Abraham, Emma and Keley.  They came to Macedon to visit Charles' sister and decided to settle purchasing 59 acres adjacent to the Erie Canal from Charles and Lydia Smith for $2,631.64.  It remained in the Bullis family for 145 years when it was purchased by Thomas Klonick and Evelyn Frazee (NY State Supreme Court Justice).

2. The house on the cover is 30 Lyons Road, Rush (not Macedon)  6/16/08


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