Grimes Glen

            Naples, Ontario County
Waterway:          Grimes Creek
Directions:          From Route 21 (Main St.) in Naples, turn west on Vine St. 
                             Park in the gravel drive in front of the red and blue metal gate.
Best Viewing Locations: From creek walk
Waterfall Height: Two 60-foot high falls
Best Season to Visit: Summer
Access:               Creekwalk
Hiking Time:      1 hour round trip
Length:               1.2 miles round trip
Difficulty:           4 boot
Trail Surface:     Stone creekbed
Trail Markings: None
Uses:                   Hike
Dogs:                  OK
Admission:          Free

This is a popular creekwalk route. Trails run along the sides of the creek in segments, interrupted by the cliffs. You may find it easier to alternate walking on land and in the water. The water in this creek is higher than most in summer. In June we waded through a foot deep water in spots. In 1972 Hurricane Agnes wrecked havoc in Grimes Glen, as it did throughout the region, wiping out trails and bridges. Grimes Glen made history in 1882 with the discovery of a 390 million year old fossilized tree. It is now on display in the State Education Building in Albany.

Creekwalk Directions:
• From the parking area, hike past the gate, then past a row of fire
• You can cross the creek on the bridge and follow the trail a short distance or begin the creekwalk right away, heading upstream. (Below the bridge is a 3-foot cascade.)
• Reach the first large waterfall at 0.4 mile. Here a tributary coming into Grimes Glen from the left side plummets in a steep cascade, 60-feet-high and 15-feet-wide.
• Pass a 2-footer and a 3-footer as you continue upstream.
• At 0.6 mile reach the final fall. Set at a 45 degree angle in the channel, this 60-foot fall funnels through a narrow channel then gushes out midway down. It's set in a deep amphitheater with a pool at the base and a cave in the far wall.
• There is a third major fall above this but the climb up is very dangerous. We recommend you turn around at his point.

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