200 waterfalls in central and western ny                            
200 Waterfalls
in Central & Western New York

Everyone can now enjoy the magic of waterfalls - this guidebook leads the way. Reaching them can be an easy drive-by, a short walk, or a challenging hike. Spend a hot summer day getting your feet wet walking a rocky creekbed to sit in the spray of a waterfall. Return during different seasons and watch each waterfall's personality change. The adventures are almost endless.


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This map-filled guidebook shows:

.      Where to find waterfalls
        When and where to go for best viewing
        The time & effort required to reach a waterfall

Why delay? Begin exploring these beautiful waterfalls today. Central and Western New York has an abundance of waterfalls waiting for your discovery.



Location of  Waterfalls   

Table of Contents

Map Legend
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Take A Hike Up A Creek
Winter Waterfalls
Get Creative
Dogs Welcome
Once Upon a Time, Long, Long, Ago...
Terminology Quandary
Classifications of Waterfalls

Waterfalls in Niagara, Erie, Orleans, Genesee & Wyoming Counties

1    Niagara Falls  (3 falls)
2    Lockport Canal Falls 
3    Royalton Falls  
4    Mill Pond Falls  
5    Medina Falls  
6    Oak Orchard Falls  
7    Holley Canal Falls
8    Clarendon Falls  
9    Indian Falls  
10    Lower & Upper Akron Falls  
11  Glen Falls  
12  Serenity Falls compass.gif (1320 bytes)   MAP   
13  Eternal Flame Falls  
14  Emery Park Falls  (2 falls) 
15  Java Falls  
16  Glade Creek Falls
17  Cascades of Attica
       (Private -No Trespassing)
18  Letchworth State Park
           -West Side  (18 falls)

Waterfalls in Monroe, Livingston and Ontario Counties

19  Letchworth State Park 
           -East Side  (5 falls)
20  Keshequa Creek Falls  (3 falls)  
21  Sugar Creek Glen  (9 falls)  
22  Paper Mill Falls  
23  Ashantee and Littleville Falls  
24  County Line Falls  (2 falls)
25  Reynolds Gully  (4 falls)
26  The Ledges of Honeoye Creek
          - (several falls)  
27  Honeoye Falls  (2 falls)
28  Corbett's Glen  (2 falls)
29  Linear Park Cascades  
30  High Falls of the Genesee River  
31  Lower & Middle Falls of Genesee River  
32  Densmore Falls  
33  Zoo Cascade & Zoo Falls  
34  Norton's Falls  
35  Red Falls & Bullock's Woods
36  Mill Drop Falls  
37  Double Drop Falls  (2 falls) 
38  Old Mill Falls  
39  Barnes Creek Falls  (3 falls) 
40  Grimes Glen compass.gif (1320 bytes)   MAP  (2 falls)
41  Tannery Creek Falls  (6 falls)

Waterfalls in Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, Allegany and Steuben Counties

42  Hawley Dam Falls  
43  Skinny Dip Falls  (4 falls)
44  Waterfalls of Zoar Valley  (12 falls)
45  Walnut Falls 
46  Wiscoy Falls  
47  Mills Mills Falls 
48  Hume Falls 
49  Stony Brook State Park  (9 falls)

Waterfalls in Wayne, Yates. Seneca and Cayuga Counties

50  Seneca Mill and Cascade Mill Falls  
51  West Italy Hill Waterfall  
52  Perish Glen / Conklin Gully  (12 falls)
53  Lower Clark Gully  
54  Upper Clark Gully  (2 falls)
55  Palmyra-Macedon Aqueduct Falls  
56  Wolcott Falls  
57  Oak Tree & Grove Creek Falls  (2 falls)
58  Great Gully Falls  (4 falls)
59  Montville and Decker Creek Falls  
60  Carpenter Falls  (3 falls)
61  New Hope Mills Falls  (2 falls)
62  Fillmore Glen Falls  (5 falls)

Waterfalls in Schuyler and Tompkins Counties

63  Ludlowville Falls  
64  Cascadilla Falls  (9 falls) 
65  Ithaca Falls  
66  Triphammer, Forest, Foaming &
          Rocky Falls
67  Judd Falls  
68  Wells Falls  
69  Potter's Falls compass.gif (1320 bytes)   MAP   (3 falls)
70  Buttermilk Falls - Ithaca  
71  Lick Brook Falls  (3 falls)
72  Lucifer & Lower Falls  
73  Bud Brook Falls  (12 falls)
74  Taughannock Falls  
75  Gorge Trail Falls  (4 falls)
76  Ravine Trail Falls  (several falls)
77  Hector Falls  
78  Excelsior Glen Falls  (3 falls)
79  Watkins Glen  (19 falls)
80  Twin Falls  (2 falls)
81  Aunt Sarah's Falls 
82  Shequaga Falls 
83  Deckertown Falls  (3 falls)
84  Eagle Cliff Falls

Waterfalls in Chemung, Tioga, Broome, Cortland & Chenango Counties

85  Buttermilk Falls - Owego    
86  Rexford Falls  
87  Upperville Falls  
88  Chippewa Falls  
89  Tinkers Falls

Waterfalls in Onondaga, Madison 
& Oneida Counties

90  Fellows Falls  
91  Rattlesnake Gulf  (Note: Hikers must register at Adams Eden Camp (www.adamsedencamp.com). Access via Tully Farms Road will result in prosecution.) compass.gif (1320 bytes)   MAP
92  Bucktail Falls  
93  Otisco Lake Overflow  
94  Peppermill Gulf  (Posted-No Trespassing) 
95  Marcellus Falls  compass.gif (1320 bytes)   MAP 
(2 falls)
96    Guppy Falls
97    Old Dam and Edwards Falls  
98    Pratt's Falls  
99    Chittenango Falls  
100  Stockbridge Falls (Posted-No Trespassing) 
101  Oriskany Falls  
102  Button Falls

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A Note to All Waterfall Seekers

We have made every attempt to include only publicly accessible waterfalls in this guide.

Some of the waterfalls are on private property. We suggest contacting the landowner for permission to access the creek and/or waterfall. Remember, even if the land is not posted, permission should be obtained.  Many benevolent owners like to share their waterfalls. 

Waterfalls on private property may also be accessible from a public trail such as the Finger Lakes Trail. Please respect all lands, public and private by staying on the trail. Leave no trace of your visit and if you see litter from less respectful visitors, please pick it up.


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