Take a Hike! Family Walks in the Rochester Area  
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  Location of Trails

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Walks Northwest of Rochester

1.   Braddock Bay Raptor Research Trail
2.   Genesee River Trail
3.   Greece Canal Park Trail 
4.   Farm Artifact Trail      compass.gif (1320 bytes)   MAP
5.   Springdale Farm Trail
6.   Northampton Ski Loop

Walks Southwest of Rochester

7.   Black Creek Trail       compass.gif (1320 bytes)  MAP
8.   Hardwood Swamp Trail
9.   Black Creek Field Loop
10.   Genesee Country Nature Center
11.   Plaster Woods Trail
12.   Quinn Oak Openings
13.   Tinker Nature Park Trails
14.   Genesee Valley Greenway — Rochester
15.   Genesee Valley Greenway — Scottsville

Walks Southeast of Rochester

16.   Isaac Gordon Nature Park
17.   Devil’s Bathtub Trail 
18.   Birdsong Trail
19.   Quaker Pond Trail      compass.gif (1320 bytes)  MAP
20.   Eastern Ski Trail
21.   Mendon Grasslands Trail
22.   Royal Coach Trail
23.   Fishers Park Trail 
compass.gif (1320 bytes)  MAP
24.   Fort Hill Trail
25.   Earth Is Our Mother Trail
26.   Seneca Trail
27.   Bluebird Haven Trail
28.   Daffodil Trail
29.   Irondequoit Creek Trail
30.   Fish Hatchery Trail
31.   Old Ski Run Trail
32.   Lollypop Farm Trail
33.   Indian Hill Section - Crescent Trail      compass.gif (1320 bytes)  MAP
34.   Cartersville - Great Embankment Loop Trail
35.   Historic Erie Canal and Railroad Loop Trail
36.   McCoord Woods Section - Crescent Trail
37.   Horizon Hill Section - Crescent Trail
38.   Beechwoods Park Trail
39.   Wetlands Section - Crescent Trail

Walks Northeast of Rochester
40.   The Falls Trail       compass.gif (1320 bytes)  MAP
41.   Penfield Town Hall Park Trail
42.   Harris Whalen Trail
43.   Thousand Acre Swamp Trail
44.   Coyotes Den Trail
45.   Lost City of Tryon Trail
46.   Old Rifle Range Trail
47.   Webster Arboretum Trail    compass.gif (1320 bytes)  MAP
48.   Webster Hojack Trail
49.   Bay Trail
50.   Tryon Park Trail
51.   Olmsted/Seneca Trail
52.   Helmer Nature Center Trails
53.   Turning Point Park & Bullock’s Woods Preserve
54.   Eastman Lake Trail

Walks in Central Rochester
55.   Seth Green Trail  compass.gif (1320 bytes)    MAP
56.   Grove Place Walk
57.   Rochester City Skyway
58.   Corn Hill District Walk
59.   Lilac Trail

60.   Brighton Town Park Trail

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The walks, rambles, strolls, and hikes in this book are designed for people who delight in exploring unique or little-known places. The trails lead through forests, fields, marshes, hills, and arboretums where you can enjoy the natural world. This book will help you learn more about local history, get much-needed exercise,  enjoy nature, or find new places to walk your dog.

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Walking quietly along a woods trail brings a spring surprise.
This mother Mourning Dove and her two fledglings blend well with the surroundings.

With this guide, you’ll be able to explore the Rochester area with ease and confidence. Each of the 60 walks is rated for difficulty, type of terrain, and described by length and estimated time required. In addition, you’ll know how to easily find the trails and parking.

"It’s rare as a book reviewer that you find something to rave about – but then that’s what makes a special catch so special. Such a book is Take A Hike!. You know you’ve found a good hiking guide when the corners of the pages are well-thumbed and there are bookmarks and souvenirs (like pressed leaves) in between pages after only a few months." Jillian St. Jacques, The Greece Post

"If you decide to go walking with the family or with a friend, we suggest taking Take A Hike! along for the walk. It’s worth its weight." Gary Fallesen, Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

"Imagine hiking through the Lost City of Tryon, navigating Plaster Woods, or exploring Hardwood Swamp. Such names conjure images of exotic getaways. But actually, these are local hiking trails featured in Take A Hike!." Ellen Rosen, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

"The greater Rochester area has plenty of trails for you and the kids to enjoy and explore the great outdoors. And locating those trails has never been easier thanks to Take A Hike!." Beth Pessin, Genesee Valley Parent


57 Maps, 36 picture
256 pages
Size - 5.5" X 8.5"

ISBN# -  0-9656974-7-9
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