WAter Falls and Gorges Cover.TIF (88652 bytes)The Finger Lakes Region is an area of unusual beauty highlighted by a remarkable number of glorious waterfalls - some prominent and majestic, others secluded and mysterious. Derek Doeffinger's luminous photographs, the result of years spent visiting and revisiting theses falls, expertly capture the character of this landscape in every season.

"This is more than just a coffee table book of striking photographs. It is more than a popular scientific explanation, though we are given that with persuasive accuracy and  charm. It is an invitation to walk, climb, to scramble, to gaze, to contemplate, to ponder, to wonder, to understand."
From the Forward by 
     Frank H. T. Rhodes, President Emeritus, Cornell University                                                                              

"The photographs ... are truly magnificent."
Hon. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, United States Senator