'Round Lake Ontario:  A Bicyclist's Tour Guide

Rural cycling interrupted by only a few cities for 600 miles makes this a cyclist’s delight. A series of lightly traveled roads, most with wide paved shoulders, ring the lake shore. In the few urban areas, Toronto, Hamilton, Kingston, and Rochester, there are bikeways along the lake. It’s a flat ride almost all the way. Not boring though, since the roads make small twists and have occasional hills due to glacial drumlins. (152 pages, pub. date: November 1995)

Cyclotour guide books are written by Harvey Botzman; an avid cyclist who has cyclotoured each summer since 1985. Mr. Botzman presents workshops on bicycle touring at the League of American bicyclists’ GEAR bike rallies and has spoken on bicycle tourism at the Department of Transportation and hospitality industry conferences.