Christopher Counts! Series
by Judy Bradbury

     (published by McGraw-Hill/Learning Triangle Press)

Endearing, hapless Christopher is the star of this series of full-color picture books for children ages 5-7. Each engaging, humorous tale teaches children that math is all around us through "minds-on" activities embedded in every story. Also included is a Discoveries Page at the end of the book which suggests simple math exercises connected with the illustrations.

One Carton of Oops!      ISBN  0-07-007039-3

A string of mishaps occurs when Christopher goes to the store for a dozen eggs.

Math Concept: Simple
subtraction; dozens


Double Bubble Trouble!       ISBN  0-07-007040-7

Christopher finds a solution when bubble gum gets him into a sticky situation.

Math Concept: Counting by twos


A High-Fiving Gift for Mom!           ISBN  0-07-007041-5

Although things go awry, Christopher and his brothers manage to find just the right gifts at the school's annual Mother's Day Fair.

Math Concept: Money


Doggone Lemonade Stand!            ISBN  0-07-007042-3

Christopher experiences the sweet and the sour sides of business when he opens a lemonade stand.

Math Concept: Simple fractions


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Mrs. Bradbury has also published articles in professional publications for teachers and in consumer publications. She has taught children ranging in age from preschool through college for over 20 years and has developed a K-8 math curriculum, a NYS-funded summer community reading program, and remedial/enrichment reading programs for high school students. A lifelong resident of the Buffalo area, she currently resides in East Amherst, NY with her husband, daughter, one big dog, and two tiny cats.

Judy is available for school and parent presentations. She can be reached at (716)688-0384.