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Rochester's Lakeside Resorts and Amusement Parks

       The period from 1884 to 1926 was the heyday of the trolley lines, the height of steam travel, and the peak of interest in the "back to nature" movement. It was a time for spiritual renewal, when society was encouraged to enjoy family activities in the fresh air. Resorts served as an escape from summer's oppressive heat and offered a world of fun, fantasy, and fishing- a world far removed from the toils of the shop, the chores of the farm, or the everyday drudgery demanded by a labor intensive pre-electric society.

        Rochester's Lakeside Resorts and Amusement Parks documents in over 200 photographs the development, dates, locations, and attractions that were a unique part of the rich history of each resort. Offering a window into yesterday, this reveals many unusual facts about the area and features the fascinating characters who owned and operated the impressive hotels, boats, trolley lines, and amusement concessions.

        In this collection written and compiled by local historian Donovan A. Shilling, readers will gain a deeper understanding of the appeal of the resorts, entertainment, and excursions that enticed yesterday's generation to the tinsel meccas on Lake Ontario's golden shore. His tribute to Rochester's colorful past will delight residents and visitors for generations to come.