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Take Rover Roving
Dog-friendly Places to Hike or Bike

Dogs and their owners alike benefit from having trails to explore outside
the confines of leash laws and pooper-scoopers. Here are 10 area trail
networks where you can let Rover rove:

1. Howland Island - a network of trails north of Port Byron
2. Harriett Hollister Spencer Memorial State Recreation Area - a network of
trails south of Hemlock Lake
3. Hamlin and Hilton Hojack Trails - converted railroad beds that run
through Hamlin and Hilton
4. Genesee Valley Greenway - 25 miles from Chili to Cuylerville
5. Lehigh Valley Trail - 15 miles from Victor to Rush
6. Royal Coach Trail - 2.2 mile loop in Pittsford
7. Canadice Lake Trail - hugs the shore and hillside along Canadice Lake
8. Canal Park Trailway - 5.8 miles from Lyons to Clyde
9. Cayuga County Trail - 13 miles from Fair Haven to Cato
10. Middlesex Valley Rail Trail - 6.8 miles from Naples to Middlesex

All of these trails are mapped and described in the new guidebook "Take Your
Bike - Family Rides in the Rochester Area, second edition." (Footprint
Press, Inc.,, 800-431-1579) Many other dog-friendly
trails can be found in other Footprint Press guidebooks.


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