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Explore the High Points of New York State

American hikers are goal driven. It's evident in the thousands each year who
start a trek on the Appalachian Trail with the intent of walking 2,200 miles
to a mountaintop in Maine. It's evident in the 1,600 people attempting to
reach the highest point of each state in the US-members of the Highpointers
Club. And, in the hundreds of people who have become 46ers by hiking the 46
highest peaks in New York State's Adirondack Mountains.

There's a new quest available for the goal driven hiker-become a 62er by
hiking to the highest point in each county of New York State. Gary Fallesen,
the outdoor writer for Rochester's Democrat and Chronicle newspaper, earned
his Summit Club patch and wants to recruit others to join his quest. His
guidebook "Peak Experience-Hiking the Highest Summits of New York, County by
County " (published by Footprint Press, shows
would-be 62ers how.

If you tell people you're heading to New York, most will envision New York
City, one of the most densely populated and built-up cityscapes in the
world. Yes, there is a natural high point in each of New York City's 6
boroughs and even one on Long Island. They're at street corners, cemeteries,
and parks. They are at low elevations and easy to reach.

There's much more to discover in New York State. In two major mountain
ranges (the Adirondacks and the Catskills) you'll find wilderness areas and
mountain peaks with spectacular vistas. Some high points even require a
bushwhack. Then there's the Finger Lakes Region where long, narrow glacially
sculpted lakes run in valleys between hills, stretching southward like the
fingers on a hand. The hillsides are covered with vineyards, producing New
York's vintage wines.

In a quest for New York's natural high points you'll meet "Spotty" the cow,
king of Bunker Hill. You'll visit Harris Hill, the glider capital of
America, and climb a fire tower atop Hunter Mountain. Each of the 62 county
experiences will be different and each will be memorable.

As outdoor writer Terry Krautwurst said, "Gary Fallesen's Peak Experiences
is an excellent, comprehensive guide, full of solid outdoor-skills advice,
detailed how-to-get-there information, and interesting local lore. But it's
also more than just a hiking guidebook-it's a quest. Those who read it are
likely to find themselves among the summit-obsessed, traveling trails and
back roads in search of one county high spot after another. What a great way
to discover New York!"

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