10 Fun and Free Discoveries in the Genesee Valley Region by Sue Freeman

Here are ten ideas to feed your adventurous spirit. Make getting exercise fun by having a goal in mind. You can hike or bicycle to these great discoveries without traveling far from home.

1. See the waters of Murder Creek spill over the Onondaga Escarpment in a spectacular waterfall in Akron.

2. Learn the significance of a "vernal pool" in Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge.

3. Keep your feet dry while walking through a marsh on a � mile boardwalk in Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge. 

4. Experience a living bog where you can get an up-close view of insect-eating pitcher plants at Moss Lake.

5. See stately 200-year-old oak trees as you hike the Genesee Valley Greenway.

6. Walk the ridge of a drumlin overlooking large ponds at Twin Cedars Environmental Area.

7. Bicycle on man-made dikes at Oak Orchard Wildlife Management Area.

8. View one of only 20 oak openings left in the world at Quinn Oak Openings.

9. Learn about turtles at the Genesee
County Park Nature Center.

10. Ride through a tunnel under a railroad in Letchworth State Park.

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