Is Your Computer Lab Conducive to Leaning?
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Is space tight in your computer lab? Are kids jammed together with computers and keyboards vying for space? Where do the textbooks end up? Are they propped against the computer equipment or maybe in the kids’ laps?

Line of Sight?
Maybe you have space to spread the typing textbooks on the counter next to the computer. Lucky kids. But still, their necks crane to glance repeatedly down at the counter and up at the computer screen.
“The keyboarding book stands hold the books so straight! Even the kids have commented how much better and easier the books are to read! I have been recommending your products to everyone I come in contact with in both the education field and not! Thanks again."
Carol Thibodeaux, Keyboarding Teacher
Atwater High School, CA

Books Falling Off?
Luckier kids have some sort of stand to hold their textbooks during lessons. But, are the books held securely in place or do they routinely fall off the stands. Can the kids easily flip pages as they proceed through lessons without tearing the textbook pages?

Stands Breaking?
Your budget is limited. Do you have to waste part of it each year replacing broken stands?

If any of these scenarios resemble your computer lab, you need the kb88 keyboarding textbook stands. The kb88’s:
-require minimal counter space (8.5” X 4” footprint)
-hold textbooks upright for a single line of sight from book to computer screen
-hold hard-covered, top-bound textbooks securely
-allow pages to be freely flipped from page 1 to the end of the book
-will not break if knocked off the table or bench

If not all your books are top-bound and/or hard-covered, choose from among the 7 other stands made with PETG plastic to withstand the rigors of student use.


Sue Freeman
Footprint Press, Inc.
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