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Alter - A Simple Path to Emotional Wellness

FEELINGS                             Section One

Repressed feelings hampers spiritual growth, causes predicaments in our lives, and deteriorates the physical body. Feelings are sometimes difficult to identify and are often other than what we think.

Sometimes we have intense experiences that we react to with more than one emotion. During strong feelings of the moment, we may have a pattern of avoiding certain feelings by overemphasizing others. For example, we never get angry, we only cry. This pattern may have resulted from past experiences.

To identify feelings that need to be recognized, released, and transformed, write your goal on a piece of sticky note paper. Place the paper over the "Goal Box" on page 15. Use the rub plate to select the appropriate broad category. Continue using the rub plate with succeeding pages 17 to 25 to more closely pinpoint your feelings. Each time you change pages, move your goal sticky note papers to the new page.

Sample Goals to write on sticky note paper:

1. To know what I am feeling right now.

2. To know what feelings cause me to - (enter your area of interest).

  - Avoid a meaningful relationship
- Experience a facial tic

3. To know what feelings I am suppressing the most in my day-to-day life.

4. To know what feelings I most avoid  experiencing.

5. To know what feelings from past experiences are affecting me now.

6. To know what feelings are associated with - (enter your area of interest).

- My poor self image
- My inability to follow through with intentions

7. To know what feelings contribute to my -(enter your area of interest).

- Asthma
- Excessive weight

8. To know what charged feelings are underneath the "numb" feeling I am experiencing


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