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Judy Gurley has expressed the spiritual gifts of teaching and healing through elementary school education, along with instructing and administering professional kinesiology sessions. Over a ten year period, she studied a variety of kinesiology modalities focusing on Health Kinesiology. TM
Judy is a professional member of ASK-US, the U.S. chapter of the International Association of Specialized Kinesiologists. She enhanced her skills with training in Trager Body Work, Contact Reflex Analysis, and "hands on healing" workshops, and intuitive development through dowsing. Judy resides in western New York State, where she lives with her husband and parents. Prior to her youngest son’s departure for college, her family was blessed with a tri-generation living experience. They share their lands, gardens, and labyrinth with the public.

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Marty Cain is a multi-media artist, teacher, dowser, and geomanacer who celebrates the sacredness and beauty of nature. She earned her MA and MFA from the University of Iowa. She taught drawing and sculpture in the Boston area at Thayer Academy, Pine Manor College, The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, and Tuft’s University. Marty continues to draw in her New Hampshire studio and create environmental sculptures. She uses the ancient skill of dowsing to co-create labyrinths in harmony with nature throughout North America.



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